A Field Guide for Landscaping and Maintenance.....A Landscape Manual for You!



   My name is Tom Moss and I am a practicing landscape architect in North Carolina. I have spent the last 25 years helping people improve and maintain their landscapes.  In addtion to my traditional practice, I have been heavily involved in organic shrub and turf care over the years. I have spent most of my professional life either designing, installing,or maintaining landscapes. I am adding a new facet to my practice and would like to introduce you to my Landscape Manual. This manual is written for the residential homeowner or the landscaper just getting started.

Great Landscape tips!

   Written from the hundreds of questions that I have heard over the years, this landscape manual is a concise, no frills manual that can answer your questions and save you money in the landscape process. It contains sections on design,installation, short term maintenance, long term care, turf care, and others. Also, in the back of the Landscape Manual, there is a plant list with over 200 of my favorite plants for landscaping in the south east U.S..

Avoid costly landscape mistakes!

   Why write this ebook? I have seen too many people over the years waste too much money,time, and effort just because they were not informed. Mistakes in the landscape can be costly! I always believed that the best landscape client was a well informed client. If that makes sense to you, go to  http://www.amazon.com/author/tommoss  and let my years of experience help you be successful in your next landscape project.

This Manual is for you!

   I wish I had a field guide like this manual when I was just starting out. Just the plant palette section would have been a great aid in my landscape projects. Proper plant selection is very crucial to the overall success of your landscape and this manual is a great resource for people who live in the southeast and mid-atlantic states.




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